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Land ho

I’m officially not working today. It’s the weekend in Abu Dhabi, after all. Unofficially, I’m sending out projects and emails and invoicing like I usually do on Friday. Darren is working this morning, too, so this gives me a chance to tie up loose ends. 

I’m back in the Rotana lounge. I’m facing the sea today. There is a lot of ship activity on the Arabian Sea. It’s too neat to see big ships lumbering around. If they look big from where I’m sitting, I’m sure they are enormous in person. I wonder if any of them are carrying the wonderful treats I’ve been eating all week. Did I mention how delicious the food is here? I’m sure I did. I can’t go one day without discussing food. Mom and Jackie know that all too well. 

I wonder how close a person can get to the marina? I’d love to go take some industrial photos down there some day. Not without Darren, of course. Safety first. I’d also like to find where the super wealthy are parking their yachts. Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest emirate—there must be some disgusting displays of wealth somewhere close by. 

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