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Dining in good company

Who exactly do I think I am these days? Last night I had a fantastic dinner with five men—four Navy SEALs and the general manager of 30 five-star hotels. In my head I kept hearing the song, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong.” How does a freelance graphic designer from the midwest end up at a dinner table in Abu Dhabi, UAE in that kind of company? It was awesome. Believe me, I soaked in that moment for quite a while. It’s uniqueness was not lost on me.

The restaurant is called Rodeo Grill and it’s known for making all of its food from scratch and for having great USA and Australian beef. The service was out of this world, though it did take a very long time for our food to arrive. The restaurant was completely booked. The food was worth the wait. We had a selection of fresh dinner rolls with French butter. The chef sent a little appetizer of salmon mousse on a slice of cucumber served over a drizzle of aged balsamic vingear. Tiny and delicious. For dinner I think we all had steak except one of the SEALs who took the opportunity to try quail for the first time. I had a filet, which was served with onion rings, a baked tomato, and a side of sauteed forest mushrooms. I also tried some of Darren’s mashed potatoes, which were heavenly. 

After dinner we were served a little palette cleanser—a tiny ball of sorbet surrounded by a dark chocolate shell. We didn’t even get dessert. The little sorbet ball was too perfect to follow up with anything else. 

It was another wonderful dinner with great company and conversation that lingered for a couple of hours. We had three bottles of Merlot and we made two toasts – one to good company and one to doing the right thing.

I’d better leave Abu Dhabi and this five-star hotel soon or I am going to turn into the most spoiled woman on the planet. We head to Bahrain on Friday. I’m going to be exited and sad at the same time. 

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  1. lostinohio #

    Ok, so you just missed the perfect photo op! Human SEAL pyramid with you on top, holding a chocolate covered sorbet ball!! You gotta think on your feet! LOL!

    September 28, 2011
  2. You’re right, that would have been a great photo. I was too absorbed in the food and wine to think of it . Darn!

    September 28, 2011

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