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The neighborhood

I snapped this photo today of the villa across the street from where Darren lives. This is our neighborhood. Several nice villas, many of them seem brand new. There is a lot next to Darren’s building where they could build another building and there are a few other empty lots in the area. The streets through much of the neighborhood are dirt, not paved. It’s like they did it backward—built the buildings first, and now they are going back and putting in drainage pipes and tearing up the streets. Several times we’ve had to detour through the neighborhood to get home because there would be a big hole in the dirt road. Darren is hoping for solid or paver streets before his tour here is up. That may be wishful thinking. 

The dirt streets are somewhat charming—it’s mostly sand. But absolutely everything is covered in a layer of sand here. The windows, the buildings, the cars, the trees.  Everything looks grayed over in sand. And it hardly every rains, so the dirt does not get washed away. I want to be able to take a hose to everything so I can see what color it is and what it really looks like. I know it’s all beautiful underneath.

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  1. Wow, that’s really pretty.

    October 3, 2011

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