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Birthdays in Bahrain and Mishawaka

October 8. Happy birthday, Mom! Happy birthday, Darren! I love that two of my favorite people share a birthday. 

There is a birthday party in Bahrain this afternoon. Darren invited all the chiefs. We’ve got 20 pizzas on order and lots of beverages on hand. It should be fun. It’s quiet in the flat now, but it will be full of laughter and stories and “I love you, man”‘s in a little while. 

We went to the NEX for supplies earlier. Frozen fruit for smoothies (it’s Darren’s new passion, to make smoothies), plates, cups, etc. Darren has a backpack I like to call the “magic backpack.” I’m amazed by how much he can fit inside. At the store he put two half-gallons of milk, two half-gallons of juice, and eight bags of frozen fruit in his backpack. Unreal. It’s like a trick backpack. 

We went to a friend’s house to borrow a cooler. The friend lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. The views from that apartment are incredible. You can see a good deal of the Arabian Gulf and how it wraps around and into the city. I also didn’t realize how big of a city Manama is. It just keeps wrapping around and going on. The downtown part is much larger than I first thought. It seems less chaotic than Abu Dhabi, though. I like it here. Don’t worry, family, I’m still coming home this week. =)

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  1. Happy birthday “Mom” and Darren~ hope you both have a great day!!

    October 8, 2011

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