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Monday’s report

Monday – my first day of the second part of my vacation. I slept in a little bit, then I re-shot some photography outside using one of Darren’s lenses. I learned some things on Sunday’s photo shoot that made me want to recapture a few villa photos. I think I get to bring home the fancy lens from Darren. He says he doesn’t use it here. It’s a great lens, but it’s heavy and it’s huge compared to my camera. It’s a funny sight. I would gladly get used to it, though. 

Darren worked in the morning, then he came home around lunch time. We hung out for about three hours, then we went back to base together. I sat in his cubicle with him for a little while, then we worked out. Keeping up with a Navy SEAL who works out twice a day is not an easy task. I’ve run on the treadmill three days in a row now. I’m proud of that, but I would probably give myself at least a day in between at home. AND I’ve been running 30 minutes at a time. At home I could barely make 20 minutes. So being here has helped my running quite a bit. It’s motivational when you are working out on a Navy base with lots of muscled men. I can’t look like a wimp!

I showered in the women’s locker room after my run. Darren got cleaned up in his locker room, then we walked down the street to The Dome. This is the restaurant we visited on Sunday with the great coffee. I had a small latte this time. It’s still the best latte ever—I have now confirmed that. For dinner I had spaghetti with roasted eggplant, red peppers, and zucchini, with a drizzle of olive oil and a shot of red pepper flakes. My poor mouth was warm and tingly from the red pepper flakes, but it was really tasty.

I’m starting to get sad about leaving Bahrain and Darren. Today is our last day in Bahrain. Tomorrow morning we fly back to Abu Dhabi. That’s a nice, short flight and we’ll get to spend the rest of the day at the Beach Rotana hotel where this whole adventure started. Thursday morning Darren goes back to Bahrain and I head home to the U.S. Sigh. Bittersweet.

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