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Thorough check-in

I’m at my gate for my flight. I had the most thorough check-in and it was a neat process. The entire gate is enclosed in glass. To get in, I first had my documents approved. Check. Next I went through another security line right at the gate—xray and scanners and all. Check. Then I got in a third line where they checked me in and gave me back my ticket stub. Check. Now I have a seat and wait. It’s pretty cool. I’m praying for an empty seat next to mine on the plane. Everybody cross your fingers.

On the way here, the flight time was shown on my itinerary as 13 hours 55 minutes. It ended up being a 12-hour flight. The flight home is shown as 15 hours 10 minutes. I’d be grateful for anything under 14 hours. I’m getting more excited to step foot into my little house tonight.  

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  1. Welcome home.

    October 13, 2011

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