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Easy Going Saturday

Yesterday was a nice, leisurely day. We slept in, then I did some work. Darren worked on his laptop, too. We were on dueling mac’s across the room from each other. The weather was great, so we turned off the air, opened the windows, and enjoyed the silence. After a few hours of work, we went to workout on base. I’m getting much better at running. I’m running at least 2.5 miles each time. Let’s see if I can keep that up once I get home.

We went to the Gulf Hotel for dinner last night. This hotel is where Darren lived for three weeks when he first got to Bahrain. What a swanky place. We walked by some very fancy, expensive cars (Aston Martin, Ferrari, etc.) in the parking lot. Inside, the hotel is covered in wood, marble, granite, crystal, and glass. Outside there is a beautiful garden with lots of trees, plants, and…pause for effect…grass! It’s the first grass I’ve seen in Bahrain. I had to bend down and touch it. There was also a very large swimming pool and hot tub. Quite a lovely hotel.

We had sushi at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. As you enter the restaurant, the ceiling keeps getting lower. A little sign says to “mind your head.” It was a neat part of the experience, really, to crouch into a place. Once inside the restaurant, the ceilings are high again. It’s like finding a little cave and it opens up into something wonderful. It was some of the best sushi I’ve had. Everything tasted so fresh. As an appetizer we had pan-fried dumplings. We had our choice of chicken or pork, which surprised me. I thought pork was a complete no-no in the Middle East. We went with pork dumplings just because we could. They were delicious as well. The servers were all wearing kimonos and little sandals. Very authentic. 

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