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There’s No Place Like Home

I’m all settled back home in the U.S. Yesterday was the longest day of my life.

After my last post about the airport, the day just got worse. I had originally planned on having a row of seats to myself on the plane. In fact, when the door closed and everyone was in their seat, I did have a row to myself. Then the vultures arrived. People started coming from the front of the plane looking for more space. It was quite a spectacle of people jockying for position. It actually continued throughout much of the 15 hour flight. I only had a row of my own for a short time. A woman with a crying baby plopped down at the end of my row, then cleared out the middle seat for the crying baby. She was with her family and they came by to say they had seats elsewhere and she should come. I thought, “Yes, please go.” As it turned out, she gave the seat in my row to her mother. That ended up being fine. She was nice and quiet and we had an unspoken understanding that we would share the seat space between us. Only two times did she take over the middle seat. The first time she laid in the fetal position in the two seats next to me. Her bare feet were up against my left leg. Normally I would freak out over that, but God must have granted me abundant patience yesterday. The second seat violation came when my rowmate wanted to try laying down again, this time with her head next to my leg. Again I had no problem with that. I know how uncomfortable it is to fly for so long.

The day seemed full of little annoyances. At one point I spilled half a glass of water on myself. I had my left leg tucked under me and the water soaked the leg of my jeans. I was only wet for a little while—the dry plane air sucked the water right out of my jeans. Then the remote for my in-flight entertainment was broken. The buttons for the up and left positions did not work. If I passed by a selection I wanted, I had to go all the way back to the home page and start over again. Because those two buttons were broke, I could also not check on the flight map that showed our progress. That was probably best, because I could not sleep and I just would have checked our progress over and over again. “Are we there yet?!” Instead, I kept track of time by the number of movies and television shows I watched. I’d list the movies I watched, but I can only remember a couple of them. I think my mind is working hard to block the memories, sights, sounds, and smells from yesterday.

Traveling really is not a glamorous thing. Being in new places is fun. Getting to those places is not. But I will soon forget the long trip home and will instead remember the good moments from my second trip overseas. The bonus? When I got home, spring had arrived! Daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia, magnolia…it’s all so pretty. And the grass is green. Ahh.

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  1. Robin Buschner #

    I’m so glad you’re home!

    March 19, 2012

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