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Fun with a Strawberry

The other day we made a pound cake. We sliced strawberries, macerated them in sugar, and put them over the cake. A little dollop of whipped cream and it was perfect. 

As we were slicing strawberries, this large strawberry begged to be photographed. So we set him aside in the fridge for the night and the next day, when the sun was right, the strawberry had it’s moment. These are my three favorite photos of the berry.

Yes, we are being leisurely this trip. =)



Darren and me

My friend Cindy asked to see a photo of Darren and me. Here it is! We took this photo on our 14th floor balcony in Abu Dhabi on the last day of our trip. I hated to leave this sweet man behind in the Middle East, but he has a job to do and I’ll see him again soon. Seeing him half way around the world was a treat.

Empty plane

A quick note about our flight from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. The plane was enormous – I’m sure at least 300 seats. There were maybe 40 people on the entire plane, including the crew. If that flight had been in the U.S., it would have been cancelled for lack of capacity. We had to photograph it to show how strange it looked. 

The coolest part about this flight—the outdoor camera. We had a take-off and landing view from the front of the plane. It was too neat. I’ve never seen that before. 



Sunday fun

It’s been a great day so far. We went to breakfast at a restaurant called The Dome. I had the best latte of my life, served in a tall glass. I also had french toast with cinnamon, maple syrup, berries, and a dollop of mascarpone.

After breakfast we went on a little driving tour around Juffair, the part of town where Darren lives. I took photos out the window of the car. It was too fun. We’d drive until we found something cool, then I’d roll down the window and photograph it. Mostly we were looking for architectural details, which are my favorite. We also found a little water inlet with some old boats. There were some great things to see. I learned more about photography from Darren as we went along. My photos are getting better.

After the photography outing, we went to a local grocery. It was a small store, but it was packed with great foods. We bought smoked salmon, tomatoes, spinach leaves, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar. For lunch we ate the salmon on crackers. I made a little salad with a bed of spinach, sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, and a drizzle of my homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It was delicious!

After lunch we worked on my photos from our drive. Here are some of my favorite shots from today. Click any photos to get a larger view.

More villa photos

I walked around this morning and captured some of the beautiful details of the neighborhood. Click any image for a larger view.


Villa details

These are a few detail photos of Darren’s villa. I will take more photos outside of the entrance doors to each building. They are all different and all very beautiful.

Darren’s gorgeous mosque photos

I had to share these photos Darren took of the mosque. He’s a ridiculously talented photographer. Enjoy.

The leaning tower of UAE

We made it closer to the leaning building, Capital Gate, today (see original post). This photo is from the top of the parking garage next door. The leaning building is really impressive closeup. Notice the sign? How could I not stand next to it? Ha!

Emirates Palace Hotel

We visited the Emirates Palace Hotel today. My God, it’s enormous. I need to piece together some photos I took and post it. The photos won’t do it justice. 

We drove up to the hotel and were told we’d have to circle around and drive back out. But we managed to stop and hop out for a couple of quick photos. Despite how it looks in these photos, there were actually quite a few people walking around and taking photos. 

Ahh, the food

So I’ve been talking a lot about the food. Here is a look at some of the beautiful treats we’ve been eating. Click on any image for a larger view.